Abengoa is a biotechnology pioneer whose vision, leadership and long history in sustainable technology can help bring about a cleaner future. We see potential where others don’t – and we have the drive and technology to unlock that potential for the betterment of us all.

The world demands sustainable solutions – for energy, for industry, for society. But the choices aren’t obvious and the technologies are still new. We need a more definitive path to the cleaner future that biotechnology can deliver. That path requires tenacity and investment. Investment in time. In effort. In science, people.

For 74 years, Abengoa has been a science and technology innovator. We push biotechnology into new growth industries – supporting them full cycle, from raw materials to final product. We believe the sugar molecule will be the building block of industry in ways we’ve only begun to explore, so we have developed breakthrough biomass enzymes that produce energy at a lower cost and with a much higher yield. This belief has taken us to Hugoton, Kan., home of our second-generation bioenergy plant that will use agricultural byproducts – not food – to produce 25 million gallons of clean-burning ethanol per year. Once realized, the full potential and value of the sugar molecule will help America diversify its energy mix.

Our efforts represent an investment that will pay off in a brighter, more secure tomorrow. The sustainable society we need – from energy to automotive and consumer goods – is within our grasp, if only we can organize ourselves to fully support the most promising technologies.