Good citizenship equals good business

Good citizenship equals good business

For many companies, social responsibility is an adjunct to the core business; a way to help better the communities that help sustain the core functions of the enterprise.

It’s different for Abengoa: By creating long-term solutions to complex resource issues, our core business is the betterment of global communities. From second generation ethanol production from corn stover to global leadership in solar facilities, from water quality treatment to urban solid waste solutions, alternative and sustainable industries are the pathways we’ve chosen to demonstrate our commitment to good citizenship.

The release of our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report makes this abundantly clear — and it’s open for all to see.

More than detailing our charity investments in community social action programs (€ 9.1 million), employee hours volunteering (10,443), or even the number of human rights-related screenings we’ve performed among our global suppliers and vendors (14,389), our CSR report details the successes we’ve had in making good citizenship equal good business.

Through our innovative work in the energy and environment sectors:

  • We’ve reduced theoretical CO2 emissions by more than 818,700 tCO2eq
  • We’ve supplied more than 50 million m3 of potable water
  • Increased solar energy to 21% of our total energy output

We invite you to read the report. You’ll see that, with more than € 426 million in R&D investments and as a signatory to a number of international sustainability and social responsibility guidelines, Abengoa is as committed to transparency as it is innovation. It’s just another way we’re trying to change the way the world — and business — works.